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Northville Downs

Transparency of the application process is a critical component.  The City has been committed to complete transparency and public input throughout the entire process.  Site plan information is posted on the City's website and all Planning Commission meetings are open to the public with the opportunity for comment.  For those who can't attend, comment is also accepted by mail and e-mail. Every resident has the ability to have their opinion heard, and that's how it should be!

The Downs project will significantly affect the look and feel of our City.  If a proposal deviates from the master plan, it must be part of a planned unit development (P.U.D.), and it must add significant amenities to the City.

It's a complex process with a lot of back and forth.  There will be twists and turns. However, the one thing which must remain constant is to continually ask what is in the best interest of the City and its residents.

Financial Stability

I've worked with City Council and Administration to formulate a plan to stabilize and improve the City's financial position, especially pertaining to pension and retiree healthcare costs.  We have a plan in place to address these issues.  I'd like to have the opportunity to continue to see the plan's implementation through to completion.


A priority has been and will continue to be allocating resources to our neighborhoods.  That means things like increasing police patrols to enforce traffic laws, and purchasing mobile radar detectors to help reduce speeding.

Green Spaces

Maintaining green space is a huge issue.  We've recently scored a major success with the preservation of Maplewood Park.  We worked with residents and developers to implement a plan that will preserve the integrity of the park for generations to come.

Big Foot Houses

Northville is a popular place to live.  That has resulted in a large number of homes being purchased, torn down, and replaced with much larger houses.

I've been working with the Planning Commission and Administration to change the way we measure how large a house can be built.  We have made significant headway in developing a plan to address the issue and are working to put the final pieces of the plan together.

Post Office

There has been a great deal of misinformation spread about this issue. To be completely clear, the City never offered the dog park or the Art House to the postal service.  The postal service indicated that they would want those parcels  for a large expansion.  No one on City Council indicated any interest in accepting that offer. 

The best solution is what I proposed at the City Council meeting on this issue.  That is to split the retail and sorting operations of the post office. The sorting operation could be relocated to a site outside of the City. This would allow us to retain a post office service center in our business district and simultaneously reduce the volume of truck traffic.  It would require a much smaller footprint and retain services for our residents.

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