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Communication:  From my first day in office, improving transparency and communication with Residents has been a top priority.  It took a lot of hard work but the changes have been dramatic.

  Public Availability of Council Meetings:  For the first time in our City's history, Council meetings are recorded and posted to the City's website.  Every member of our community has a right to know what happens at Council meetings, whether or not they can attend.  That goal is now a reality.

  Weekly e-mail updates:  We've completely reworked the way our City e-mail updates are compiled.  Valuable content is readily available and updated regularly.  We're also a source for information beyond the borders of the City and contain valuable information for events affecting the entire community.

  Website:  A new  site was desperately needed to make it easier to find information.  This long project has recently been completed.  

  Personal Availability:  I personally respond to e-mails and meet when requested with Residents on a regular basis.

 Boards and Commissions:  Openings for Boards and Commissions are now prominently and regularly advertised.  Because of this, a wider segment of our Residents are volunteering for, and sitting on Boards and Commissions.

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